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I hired Christy Carpenter as my LLLT in a child custody case. We had been in litigation for two years and I was unable to afford an attorney when it came time for trial. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was incredibly pleased. Christy is incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable, and organized. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She prepared me for trial and was there for me every step of the way. She was extremely helpful throughout the process and even after trial. Christy is easy to talk to and really cares! She is best LLLT out there! I feel like I had an attorney by my side!

D.C. – Kent, WA

“What should have been a mature and mutual end of a 30-year marriage quickly became a nightmarish hell for me, particularly when my soon-to-be ex-spouse showed up in court with a family-funded attorney, while I stood alone in front of the judge unrepresented at our pre trial conference. Due to my financial situation- (I had recently been disabled from work due to long term repetitive work injuries) I found myself turning to other resources referred to me by the court system. I tried legal clinics, where no one could do anything for me except offer me a free half-hour consultation with a volunteer attorney who was mostly bored and uninterested in my questions and concerns and who, quite frankly, offered me no help, guidance, or comfort. To say that I was financially troubled is an understatement.  I was forced to stay at the marital home for the duration of the divorce process, which became two years thanks to my ex-spouse who intentionally dragged the process out in an attempt to “wear me out”. It was a hostile living environment for me and one that I would not recommend to anyone. I had no choice, nowhere to stay during this time until the completion of the divorce, when I would receive money from the property division. That is when a friend suggested an LLLT and actually found mine for me. Christy came at a time where I had just about given up. She was kind, caring and deeply invested in helping me in any way that she was able.  She did all of the legwork and in the end, when it came close to the the time of trial, I had to hire an attorney because Christy could not represent me in court. It cost me an enormous amount of money to hire that lawyer for even that one month. Christy literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars. Had I hired a lawyer at the beginning of these proceedings I would have likely ended up bankrupt and homeless. Or alternatively stuck in a hostile marriage at the mercy of a very mentally abusive spouse.”

M.N. – Federal Way, WA