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Services Pricing charges flat fees for all services, so that you know the costs up-front. You will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t receive a monthly bill based on an hourly rate for an unknown number of hours of work. This is one less stressor for you as you progress through your family law action. We accept payments via PayPal from your credit card or checking account.


Service Fee
One-hour Consultation $100


Includes legal advice, preparation of mandatory forms needed for action; and procedural assistance, such as filing and arranging for process service of documents. Income is below 200% of FPL* Income is 200-400% of FPL* Income is above 400% of FPL*
Divorce or Legal Separation $500 $600 $800
Divorce or Legal Separation with Children $850 $1000 $1200
Motion for Temporary Orders with Children, including Reply $800 $1000 $1200
Response to Motion for Temporary Orders with Children $600 $700 $900
Child Support Modification $700 $800 $1000
Minor Parenting Plan Modification $600 $750 $900
Establish Parenting Plan & Child Support (Paternity Already Established on Birth Certificate or by Acknowledgment of Paternity) $700 $900 $1000
Parentage (Establish Paternity; Establish Parenting Plan & Child Support) $900 $1100 $1200

* FPL (Federal Poverty Level) is determined by your household income and number of household members supported by that income. FPL will be verified prior to setting fees.

I will discount the above fees by 10% for active duty and retired/disabled military personnel and for those age 55+ 


Fees for the following services determined on a case-by-case basis:

Discovery: Answer or propound interrogatories and requests for production of documents, prepare and service subpoenas
Motions: Contempt of parenting plan or child support; Enforce, clarify, or vacate orders; Reconsideration or revision of a commissioner’s ruling; Change venue; Adjust child support
Trial Preparation: Prepare trial brief, exhibits, property spreadsheet, trial notebook, and/or proposed orders
Mediation Preparation: Prepare mediation statement, exhibits, property spreadsheet, proposed orders, and/or proposed settlement agreement



*Third-party fees that must be paid by client directly to the court or service provider.

Service Fee
Filing (varies by type of action, and waivable in cases of very low income) $56 – $314
Electronic Delivery of Working Copies $7+
Process Service (varies by location, wait times, and ability to locate individual) $60+
Guardian ad Litem (varies by county and/or GAL rates) $400+
Parenting Seminar(varies by county) $40+
Family Court Services (King County)  Sliding Scale
Private Mediation $200+


June 11, 2017