• Experienced

    With over 20 years' high-level experience mainly in family law, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.
  • Focused on You

    We are passionate about assisting everyone in gaining "access to justice." We will listen to you and help you to come up with the best plan of action for your family law matter.
  • Transparent Pricing

    We charge only flat-fees so that you always know the full cost of your service and exactly what tasks are included - no surprises.
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About myLLLT.com - Now Pacific Cascade Family Law

Who We Are

I am very proud to have the opportunity to use my extensive family law experience to assist those who could never afford to hire an attorney.  I look forward every day to helping clients navigate through the paperwork and the court rules and procedures to obtain just results in their cases.

Contact me for a private consultation to discuss your needs and make sure you are pointed in the right direction.


Christy Carpenter

myLLLT.com Services

What We Do

Divorce or Legal Separation

File for divorce or respond to a divorce petition.

myLLLT.com can:

Draft initial pleadings required for filing your case (Summons, Petition, Proposed Parenting Plan, and other required case initiating forms)

Draft final pleadings (Findings and Conclusions, Final Divorce Order, Final…

Child Support Modification

File or respond to a petition/motion to change your child support amount or other aspects of your current child support order, including post-secondary educational support.

myLLLT.com can:

Analyze income, expenses, and facts in relation to applicable laws and develop strategy…

Establishing a Parenting Plan

If you are unmarried and are named on your child’s birth certificate or have signed a paternity affidavit, you may file a petition to establish a parenting plan and child support.

myLLLT.com can:

Draft initial pleadings required for filing your…

Emergency and Temporary Orders

If you have an emergency, and need to get into court fast to protect yourself, your children, and/or your property, or if you anticipate that the other party will contest or delay the proceedings, you may wish to file a…

Services an LLLT can provide

The services listed abouve are only some of the services an LLLT can provide. click here to see a complete list of our offerings.

myLLLT.com Blog

News and Articles

VIDEO: What is a Limited License Legal Technician?

VIDEO: What is a Limited License Legal Technician?

WHAT IS A LIMITED LICENSE LEGAL TECHNICIAN? TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO 12/13/2017 Hello. My name is Christy Carpenter, and I’m a…

Unauthorized Practice of Law

It is important to note that only attorneys and only Limited License Legal Technicians that have been issued licenses by the Washington State Bar Association and who are currently licensed can practice law in Washington. “Paralegals” and “document preparers” cannot…

What is an LLLT?

A limited license legal technician (“LLLT,” “3LT,” or “triple-LT”) is an individual licensed by the State of Washington to perform limited legal services for the public.  Legal technicians are not attorneys, but can provide many of the same services as…


What Our Clients Say

“Anxiety Relieved”

Christy made the process simple during a very difficult time for us.  Thank you!

“Fast and Affordable”

I was unaware that this service was available and didn’t think I could afford it.  You don’t need to put it off any longer, because Christy makes it easy.